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  • Reynolds Law successfully represented Central Valley ranch owners in a multi-million dollar dispute with a farmer contracted to provide growing, cultivation, harvesting, and marketing services. Reynolds Law was able to mediate the termination of the existing contract between the owners and the farmer, and arrange for the return of the real property to ranch owners.
  • Reynolds Law represented a cardio-thoracic surgeon in the breakup of his medical partnership with another surgeon in a process that included a two-week arbitration, and the review of multiple business contracts and agreements between the principals. As the result of the arbitration, the client was able to extricate himself from the partnership without having to pay the millions demanded by the ex-partner.
  • Reynolds Law was able to successfully defeat an effort by a limited liability company member to seek damages from the co-manager of the limited liability company. After a multi-day arbitration, Reynolds Law was able to obtain a result pursuant to which the LLC member’s claim was defeated, and he was forced to pay the attorney fees and arbitration costs associated with having pursued his claims.
  • On behalf of adjacent property owners, Reynolds Law was able to negotiate revisions, amendments, and limitations to a use permit Napa County had issued to a resort. In doing so, Reynolds Law attorneys shepherded a modification agreement through county planning and county counsel’s offices, resulting in an agreement directly with the resort for the benefit of the adjacent landowners.
  • Reynolds Law represented a disabled landowner in a successful effort to reverse real estate transactions which had served to defraud that landowner. The transactions were nullified, and the client was able to sell the real property in order to satisfy his ongoing healthcare and living expenses.
  • At the end of an almost four week jury trial, Reynolds Law succeeded in obtaining a jury verdict for our client, a vineyard manager, that had had crops damaged by fire negligently started on the neighbors property. Award included not only payment for damaged crops, but also for attorney fees, interest, and court costs.
  • A brother of two other siblings who served as trustee, took trust assets and used them to benefit himself and his family at the expense of his siblings who were equal trust beneficiaries. Reynolds Law which represented both of the other beneficiaries, was able to successfully recover from the trustee, each of the client’s one-third (1/3) interests in the trust through mediation. In addition, through the efforts of Reynolds Law, some of the family members divided by this litigation, were able to reconcile and re-establish family ties, post-litigation.
  • In a blended family where the wife had no estate plan, but owned significant separate property (i.e., her husband had no interest therein), the wife unexpectedly suffered a severe stroke which rendered her incapacitated. Reynolds Law LLP, in representing the husband, was able to successfully conserve the wife and enable the husband to gain access to the wife’s separate assets to ensure that his wife would, and could, be taken care of for the rest of her life. As a result of our attorneys efforts, when the wife passed away, her estate was well-organized and in a position to be transferred to her next-of-kin without any complications.

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