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The Role Of Your Lawyer In Trust Administration

As a trustee, your mission is to turn the trustor’s wishes into reality while maintaining the trust and its assets. Unfortunately, the highly customizable nature of trusts means that there is no precise step-by-step guide that will yield flawless results.

When you have a major legal responsibility to a trust, legal counsel can be a valuable resource. Our experienced estate administration lawyers at Reynolds Law, LLP, can help you accomplish your important duties. We provide personalized advice for the difficult decisions and tasks you might face along the way.

How We Can Help You Administer A Trust

There are many ways in which our team can support you, including:

  • Shielding you from the risk of personal liability
  • Understanding and fulfilling tax obligations
  • Filling out forms accurately
  • Represent the trust against challenges and claims in trust litigation
  • Analyzing and explaining the terms of the trust
  • Assisting with the timely transfer of assets between the estate, the trust, creditors and beneficiaries as necessary

We understand that trust administration can be an intense, intimidating process. That is why our lawyers stay communicative throughout the trust’s journey. Our goal is to make your duties as easy as possible.

Qualities Of An Effective Trust Attorney

Depending on the type and other factors, trusts are usually subject to complex rules and processes. Complex financial scenarios may arise. That is why your attorney should be knowledgeable and thorough.

However, personal and family dynamics can also surround a trust. Those personal elements can develop into intricate disputes that might threaten the legitimacy of the trust or your actions as a trustee. That is why your attorney should also be compassionate and dedicated to the success of the trust.

Our attorneys offer a blend of experience with the personal, financial and legal elements of trusts and estates. We are ready to provide you with comprehensive guidance for California trusts.

Call Today For Legal Support

Whether you are administering a revocable living trust or an irrevocable trust, we can help you honor the trustor’s goals. Call 707-425-1255 or email us to reach our offices in Fairfield, Vacaville, Roseville and Redlands for a consultation.