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Effective Bankruptcy And Debtor/Creditor Representation

Reynolds Law is ready to provide effective representation to both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy cases, and to businesses needing counsel to resolve financial issues out of court. For over thirty years, Reynolds Law’s bankruptcy and debtor/creditor practitioner, Anthony Asebedo has provided expert representation in all kinds of bankruptcy cases and has also helped parties deal with debt outside bankruptcy. His practice focuses on commercial and individual chapter 7 and chapter 11 debtors, and he has represented family farmers in chapter 12 cases as well. He has represented chapter 7 and chapter 11 trustees, creditors in all cases, and parties in litigation in the bankruptcy court. As counsel representing businesses in non-bankruptcy workouts and liquidations, he has also helped numerous clients in successful efforts to come to the consensual restructuring of debt and the winding down of the business to avoid the need for bankruptcy. The expertise and experience of the transactional and litigation attorneys at Reynolds Law are available to supplement skills of bankruptcy counsel, when necessary to provide a comprehensive solution to a client’s financial difficulties, or to enforce a client’s rights as a creditor in a pending bankruptcy proceeding.

Here is a general list of such services available from Reynolds Law:

    • Debtor representation in chapter 11 cases. Small businesses seeking to restructure debt comprehensively, in order to continue in business and preserve the value of the going concern, can come to Reynolds Law for effective but economical representation. Individuals needing chapter 11 protection in order to accomplish the same objectives, while continuing to hold and control their property, can also look to the experience of Reynolds Law’s bankruptcy practitioner for effective guidance throughout the process.
    • Debtor representation in individual chapter 7 cases. Reynolds Law provides representation to individuals seeking a discharge of debt in chapter 7, to get back on track after incurring significant business or other financial setbacks. While Reynolds law places an emphasis on business-related individual cases and business chapter 7 cases, experience in business matters gives Reynolds Law the background necessary to handle more complex non-business cases as well.
    • Trustee representation. Trustees needing assistance in the administration of chapter 7 and chapter 11 cases can rely on Reynolds Law LLP, whose bankruptcy attorney has represented trustees in numerous cases over the years, in both business and individual cases, which have often involved litigation matters as well.
    • Creditor representation. Reynolds Law’s bankruptcy attorney has represented numerous creditors to enforce rights to payment of commercial debts, including to obtain relief from bankruptcy’s automatic stay to permit the creditor to go forward with available remedies against property or in non-bankruptcy court, notwithstanding the pending bankruptcy case. Reynolds Law’s bankruptcy attorney has also represented individual and corporate defendants against efforts of trustees to avoid the debtor’s pre-bankruptcy transactions or to recover so-called preferential or voidable transfers of property, including by negotiating agreed resolutions to avoid extensive and ongoing litigation in bankruptcy court.
    • Workouts and liquidation outside bankruptcy. Businesses and individuals should understand that non-bankruptcy remedies are available when facing solvency and cash-flow problems. The bankruptcy attorney at Reynolds Law is also experienced in advising parties and assisting in negotiations on behalf of debtors and creditors in out-of-court workouts and consensual liquidations and winding down of business entities.

The combined efforts of Reynolds Law’s experienced bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy attorneys allow them to achieve effective solutions to complex financial problems, both inside and outside bankruptcy proceedings.